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World’s first commercial iPS cell-making plant opens.

A new facility of Sumitomo Dainippon Pharma Co. in Suita, Osaka Prefecture, to culture and treat induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells to produce cells for medical use

A deal potentially worth over 900 million euros ($1.1 billion) for Prexton Therapeutics, biotech start-up located since inception at Eclosion’s premises at Plan-les-Ouates

H. Lundbeck A/S and Prexton Therapeutics BV announced signing of a definitive agreement in which Lundbeck will acquire Prexton

Stop the heating! Cold can activate body’s ‘good’ fat at a cellular level, study finds

Lower temperatures can activate the body’s ‘good’ fat formation at a cellular level, a new study led by academics at The University of Nottingham has found.

Could drugs used after an organ transplant protect against Alzheimer’s?

A UT Southwestern study in mice provides new clues about how a class of anti-rejection drugs used after organ transplants may also slow the progression of early-stage Alzheimer’s disease.

Paraplegic rats walk again after therapy, now EPFL knows why !

With the help of robot-assisted rehabilitation and electrochemical spinal cord stimulation, rats with clinically relevant spinal cord injuries regained control of their otherwise paralyzed limbs. But how do brain commands for walking, swimming and stair-climbing bypass the injury and still reach the spinal cord to execute these complex tasks?

Artificial Sweeteners :Not as healthy as consumers may think, researcher says.

Consuming the artificial sweetener sucralose may predispose people to metabolic syndrome, researchers reported here.

Scientists develop ‘nanospear’ tech for cell and gene therapies

Scientists at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) said the ‘nanospear’ technology – which employs magnets to guide tiny, silicon structures into cells – could lead to rapid, efficient and safe gene delivery targeting applications.

MIT gadget puts multiple artificial organs into a paperback-sized connected system

To better simulate the body, MIT researchers created a much more complex platform where researchers can put up to 10 organ tissues in separate compartments

PPD and Acurian launch patient concierge for clinical trials

Patient concierge for clinical trials…

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