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Voyage inside the brain thanks to the University of Geneva

A new immersive virtual reality (VR) experience now offers a unique way to visualize and interact with large volumes of 3D anatomical brain data.

US regulators approve first digital pill with tracking system

The tablet can be tracked inside the stomach, relaying data on whether, and when, patients have taken vital medication.

Rare Diseases Require Unique Approaches In Clinical Trial Design

Efforts to develop therapies for many rare and orphan diseases consistently reinforce the need for innovative approaches in clinical research . Example with Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD)

Clinical trials without animal testing or meat without animals? Who’s first?

A cardiologist is betting that his lab-grown meat startup can solve the global food crisis…

Horizon Discovery and MJFF announce Parkinson’s Disease model

The gene editing and gene modulation technology company Horizon Discovery partnered with The Michael J.Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research (MJFF)

How to mimic in Vivo amyloid APP processing closer to the human situation in AD?

This study reports the development of a novel mouse model focusing on the early consequences of the amyloid processing of APP with similarities to human AD cases.

CiToxLAB extension in Montreal (Canada)

20000 square feet of laboratory space fully dedicated to small and large molecules bioanalysis, flow cytometry, biomarkers and bio distribution.

How to reach 2200 CROs in one click and test ideas more quickly and cheaply?

VWR and are collaborating to create a one-stop-shop marketplace for scientists to find and purchase services or products

How relevant mouse models are to human disease?

Impaired human oligo dendrocyte cell (hOPC) differentiation likely contributes to failed remyelinisation in Multiple Sclerosis.

You said AI to make clinical trials smarter?

Datavant is including data sets from 20 million patients visits to their clinical trials in order to improve submissions to regulators.

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