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How AI will impact drug discovery?

Evotec and Exscientia to invest in AI to deliver more drug discovery projects in a rapid and capital efficient manner.

Swiss Team Says They’ve Found Malaria’s Molecular ‘Achilles Heel’

A group of Swiss scientists say they have found a protease inhibitor blocking two key enzymes in Toxoplasma Malariae and Gondii preventing the germ from infiltrating and invading healthy cells, they write today in Science.

Cinq universités créent un réseau de recherche transfrontalier

Cinq universités de l’arc lémanique et de la Région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes s’associent pour créer le réseau «Alliance Campus Rhodanien»

Major breakthrough from University of Geneva

Disease risk analysis needs to go a step further, by defining in which tissue is the gene misexpressed for that risk to go high. Gene expression varies across tissues in the same person, but which tissues are the most relevant in relation to genetic causality of a specific disease? versus Watson, a new Big Data Titanomachy, a new search engine that can be used to match patients to clinical trials based on their EMRs.

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